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We apply science and technology to the transformation of cocoa -with integral use of the fruit-, to generate new flavors, produce biomaterials for the specialized industry and advanced materials for the food industry, and encourage the emergence of new business opportunities.


  • Strengthen the value chain of cocoa, so that the communities that produce the grain obtain a greater profit from a business that currently benefits, to a greater extent, a few chocolate specialized manufacturers in the world.

  • Establish a scientific-technological model friendly with the environment, applicable to other sectors of agro-industry in developing countries to generate greater economic and social benefits.
  • Link the public university-in this case the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) -to rural development processes that contribute to the boost of the economy and the welfare of the people.

  • Generate patents, transfer knowledge and make innovation the tool to overcome the barriers that hinder economic development in countries like Colombia and others around the world.

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