Public and private sectors drive Nextcoa Project in Colombia


The new products that will result from the execution of the Nextcoa Project will have an important commercial impact over time, affirmed PhD in Chemistry, and Professor at the Universidad Industrial de Santander Cristian Blanco Tirado, who directs this scientific proposal that is being implemented since the end of the year 2017. 

With the use of all parts of the cocoa-almond cob, mucilage and husk -we will produce bacterial cellulose, cyclodextrins and syrups for the specialized industry, as well as advanced materials for the food industry, from bacterial cellulose and butter of cocoa. 

In the near future, Colombia will receive the positive impact of the work carried out by the Nextcoa Project, which, incidentally, "will establish a model for the improvement of agroindustrial processes in the country", says professor Blanco. The Nextcoa Project is carried out with the investment of $ 10,476 million Colombian pesos, just over 3 million dollars, approximately.